Auction Rules

  • 100% of all money raised will be donated to the designated charities, Sketchbuck agrees to pay any additional Paypal fees in the process.

  • Auction will take place on a dedicated thread on twitter. I will link here when this is available.

  • If you do not have a twitter account, or wish to remain anonymous, please contact me via FurAffinity, Facebook, or Email in advance. These platforms can be found here –

  • Auction starts at £35.00gbp for each design.

  • As this is a charity auction, there is no ‘buy now’ option.

  • Payment by Paypal invoice only.

  • Bid increments of £1.00gbp minimum.

  • To prevent sniping if a bid is made within the final 10 minutes, an additional 30 minutes will be added to the end time.

  • No Holding for the winning bid.

  • Winning bidders will be contacted for their paypal email address.

  • You must be able to pay money from auction within 48hours of invoicing otherwise the character will go to 2nd highest bidder, and so on.

  • Once paypal invoice is paid in full, the full resolution image will be sent to the payer via Dropbox link.

  • The usual terms of useage for a Jägertinger apply -

  • Bidding ends Sunday 14th June 12:00noon BST.

  • Terms of Service apply. –

       Quick Info

  • Auction starts at £35 per design

  • Payment by PayPal Invoice only

  • Bid increments of £1 minimum

  • Bidding ends Sunday 14th June 12:00noon BST.

Sketchbuck is an illustrative artist from Lancashire, United Kingdom. They specialise in watercolour and mixed media animal portraits, as well as distinctive character illustrations, which has resulted in an international reputation for both disciplines.

Their illustration clients include The Royal British Legion, The Western Front Association, Guide Dogs for the Blind Association, The Vegan Society, and many more, alongside countless private clients.

The unique techniques used in creating their animal portraits result in outstanding and memorable pieces of original art, having featured in exhibitions such as the Mall Galleries four times, three solo shows, and permanent exhibition in a Royal Private Collection and with the Australian High Commissioner in Australia House, London.

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