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"I had an awesome experience commissioning Sketchbuck! I'm extremely happy with my ref sheet! Amazing art combined with fast, friendly and clear communication throughout the process. I can’t think of a better artist to have commissioned for this, repeat customer for sure!"

— Lasagna.

"Couldn’t be happier! The artist was so friendly and the communication was fantastic. I commissioned a portrait of Bertie, our dog that we lost recently. I had it printed (with permission!) and it was a wedding present for my parents - they cried, they loved it so much. Now pride of place in their living room. Would recommend to anyone! Thank you, Sketchbuck!"

— Léa.

"I had an amazing experience with this seller. The seller was EXTREMELY kind and frequently gave updates on the reference. Along with the updates, they asked if there was any problems with the reference that needed fixing. I couldn’t be happier with this, thank you for helping my character come to life"

— Poppy.

"Very handsome commission from a very talented and courteous artist! It was done in an extremely timely manner with complete communication, and the piece was even based on incomplete reference materials of a character that has not yet been fully designed. Cheers to Sketchbuck for the fantastic piece they've done for me."

— Breanna Kelley.

"Sketchbuck is an amazing artist! Very quick turnaround time and high quality work. They are easy to work with I definitely would recommend them and expect to commission them again."

— Margaret.

"I cannot thank Sketchbuck enough for the painting they did for me. It was based on a piece they had done years before but had already been purchased. Together we came up with an idea based on the original I had fallen in love with. Sketchbuck kept in contact at every stage of the painting... Although I had been sent pictures, it didn't do the finished product justice! Top class service from an amazing artist! It was an absolute pleasure to deal with you, thank you Sketchbuck!"

— ghubbert.

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