Will I be based at BSDC in September full time?

Students studying at BSDC from September 20 full time will have been informed by school, however, they are still a student of Fountains High School and there may be occasions when you come back to the High School site such as after school clubs.

Do I have to wear a uniform?

No, you will not have to wear Fountains school uniform but will have to wear a lanyard at all times whilst on site.

Where will I be based?

You will be based on the first-floor corridor of the college main building. Several classrooms are being renovated especially for our students. There are doors at the end of this corridor and the area is only for Fountains students. You will use other areas of the college depending on which options you choose. When you get to know your way around, you may want to get to these areas independently. However, our staff are always available to accompany you if you prefer.

What are the timings of the day?

The timings of the day will be the same as they were in school so 8.50 am- 3.10 pm.

Do we follow the same term as the school?

Yes, we will follow the school terms and so have the same holidays.

How many breaks will we get? What time is lunch?

Break time and lunch will be the same as you had in school. You will be given one break in the morning, which is for 15 to 20 minutes. The time of this sometimes varies depending on which lesson you are in. Lunch starts at 12 pm and is an hour-long.

Can I go outside for my break?

Yes, there are outside spaces for leaners to use. A member of staff will accompany you or if your parents have given consent you will be able to go independently.

Can I purchase lunch from at the college?

Yes, the canteen is on the same floor where you will be based and you can purchase lunch from there. If you are entitled to a free school lunch, you will still get this at college.

Where can I eat my lunch?

You have several options, you can eat your lunch in the canteen, the social spaces around college or the outside spaces. You may do this independently or have school staff there to support if need be. If you find the canteen too busy, you may wish to eat your lunch in a classroom, which has a dedicated social area, with staff and some learners who also prefer a quieter area.

Can I go offsite at lunchtimes?

With signed parental consent and the agreement of Mrs Akhtar, you may go into town during lunchtimes.

How do I get to my classroom on my first day?

Staff will meet learners in the reception of the main building and take you to the classroom. If you come via transport, staff will meet you in the south end car park and walk you into the reception. At the end of the day, the staff will bring you back to the reception for parents to collect or will walk you back to the south end car park for transport.

What if I get lost?

Staff will be available to support you in getting around the college until you feel ready to do this yourself. However, if do not know where you are, you will have a lanyard which will identify you as a Fountains learner. You can ask the college staff or reception staff for support. They will inform us and we will come and collect you.

What will my lanyard say?

The Fountains Post 16 Provision (or something similar- they will be printed over summer so might have slightly different wording but it will be to identify you as a Fountains learner).

What happens if I don't get the opportunity to visit BSDC before September?

We know it's a big move and it will seem a little scary for some of you, but we don't want you to be worried. We will be with you from the start to help you become comfortable in this new setting. On your first week, we will give you a detailed induction and tour of the college. Staff will be happy to accompany you around the building until you feel confident. Everyone is an individual and therefore will react differently, some will adjust straight away, and others will need longer. We do not want you to feel worried or pressured. We will support you for as long as you need.

Who will be my teachers?

At the moment (June 2020), staffing has not been completely finalised. This is usual for school, and students are not usually made aware of their new staff and classes until the beginning of July once all of the timetabling has been completed. However please look at the PowerPoint on the website to familiarise yourself with staff who will consistently be on site. You can speak to any of the Fountains staff if you have any concerns. Staff onsite may vary depending on the timetable, which options are running that day, enterprise projects, work experience, travel training, Hope interventions etc.

Is there a lift I can use?

Yes, there are several lifts around the college that you can use if you have mobility issues, otherwise, we are asked to use the stairs if we are able to.

Where are the toilets allocated? Are there disabled toilets?

There are several toilets including disability compliant ones that you can use close to the provision. During the induction, we will show you where these are situated.

Can I still access the after-school clubs that were offered at school?

You will be able to access the after-school clubs. We will use the minibus that is designated to the college provision and students will return to school on this if they are attending a club. They will then be collected by parents and carers as usual.

Is there a library there?

You will have access to all of the college facilities including the canteen, social spaces and the library. We will be taking all of our post 16 books with us. We have also very recently subscribed to MyOn (an online library and reading package) in conjunction with Accelerated Reader which will also allow you to access to over 7000 online books with accessibility support.

Can I still access HOPE and OT sessions?

Yes, you will still be able to access HOPE and OT session if you require these. These will take place at college

Can I make my way independently to college?

If you agree with parents/careers that you would like to travel independently then that's great. We can also offer travel training to help you build confidence to travel independently so if this is something of interest to you then let us know.

Where will I get my medication from?

All medication will be locked in the medical room and you will be accompanied by staff to access this just like in school.

Can we still access The Potting Shed and Coffee Bean?

Yes, they are still on the timetable and students will take part in these on a rotational basis over the two or three years in the Fountains Post 16 Provision. Our minibus will transport you then return you to college before the end of the day unless you want to make your own way there. If this is the case you will need to arrive and leave at the same time as the students and staff being transported from college get there. For example, if you live in Winshill and are not on school transport it may be easier for you to go directly to the Potting Shed for 9.15 am when the rest of the staff and students arrive.

What other options will I take part in?

You will have the choice to take part in several exciting taster options delivered by specialist BSDC staff. Our staff will also be with you in these sessions to support. These include Performing Arts, Construction, Public Services and Fashion and Design (maybe subject to change due to negotiations with college being ongoing). Some of these options change each year to allow you to experience several different areas.

Do you offer animal care?

We do offer animal care which is based at Rodbaston College. Our staff will take you to Rodbaston College via the minibus (maybe subject to change due to negotiations with college being ongoing. This is usual at this time of year).